As the National Olympic Committee headquarters, Olympic House, the then Sports House, is a 2-storey building with a covered car park of 53 parking lots built by the Hong Kong Government in 1994. It houses the office of the Secretariat, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) and 47 sports organizations, mostly National Sports Associations (NSA). As a sports hub for over 300 sports administrators, coaches and officials of the NSAs, other public or commercial users can also hire the 300-seated Jockey Club Lecture Theatre, Board Room and other meeting facilities for their specific purposes.


Since December 2004, the building was formally taken over by the Management Company of Olympic House Limited (MCOHL), an affiliated company controlled by SF&OC and was formally renamed as Olympic House by Court Jacque ROGGE, President of International Olympic Committee (IOC), when he specially made a trip to Hong Kong on 11 July 2005.


Apart from providing most favorable office environment for sports administrators of local NSAs, and offering meeting facilities and services for the use of local community, we also take the responsibility of protecting environment and to encourage tenants, hirers, sports community to be more considerate of the environment. Recognitions from the local green organizations further motivate us to sustain in the environment protection task.

  • Jockey Club
    Lecture Theatre

    Seminar, Conference,
    Award Presentation and Graduation Ceremony

  • Board Room

    Conference, Meeting, Workshop

  • Meeting Rooms

    Conference, Lecture, Meeting, Workshop & Training Course

  • Other Facilities

    Tournament Office,
    Work Room, Lunch Room,
    Printing Room,

Vision and Mission


We provide a quality office and assembly facility service support under the green concept to the Hong Kong sports community at Olympic House, the hub of local sports.

  • (a) To provide a most favorable green environment for sports administrators of local National Sports Associations
  • (b) To collaborate with different sectors of the local community in organizing sports education programmes;
  • (c) To offer the facilities and services at Olympic House readily available for use by the local community; and
  • (d) To implement measures of environmental protection and to encourage tenants, hirers, sports community to be more conscious towards the goal in sustaining the long term use of a functional sports administration building in a green environment.
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